If a person has been hit, pushed, or subject to any type of unwanted forceful interaction, which can include the threat (ie: false punch) of violence against another person, the crime of Assault arises.

This is an Assault on another person that causes bodily harm by way of interfering with the health or comfort of the complainant. It must be more than trifling (insignificant) and transient. If it does not meet the threshold for bodily harm, it still could be considered an Assault.

An Assault that involves a weapon, is a distinct charge from Assault. A weapon can be almost anything so long as it was used during the assault. While many only think of knives or guns as weapons, ‘weapons’ in this context have been held by the Courts to include shoes, dishware, clothing, keys etc.

This is an Assault that results in injury, wounding, maiming, disfiguration or life endangerment. The difference between Assault Bodily Harm and Aggravated Assault is the extent of the injuries that the Complainant suffers.

This is the only Assault charge in the Criminal Code that applies to a specific group of individuals. Due to the nature of police work, there is a specific charge that will result if a police officer is Assaulted while working. Part of this charge requires the accused to know that the person Assaulted was a police officer at the time of the offence.

As always, speak to counsel upon detention or on arrest. Assault is often a “he said she said” kind of case. Call the lawyers at East Law who have successfully defended countless Assault charges.


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