Kidnapping and Unlawful Confinement

Kidnapping and Unlawful Confinement

It’s a criminal act to kidnap/take someone with an intention to hold or transport that person against their or their guardian’s will, or to hold somebody for ransom.

Kidnapping is commonly done by a parent trying to whisk their child away from their spouse for their own sole custody. To do this within Canada is a criminal offence and to take the child internationally still counts as Kidnapping within Canada. The Canadian government has worked in close cooperation with countries where the kidnapper fled to in attempt to hide themselves and the child in question.

Unlawful confinement is depriving someone of their liberty to freedom of movement. This is commonly charged when one party locks someone in a room for a period of time, or has a person bound to prevent them from escaping.

There are a number of factors affecting sentencing such as the use of violence, firearm or other weapons involved. The maximum sentence for this charge is life in jail.

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