Failure to Stop at Scene of an Accident

Failure to Stop at Scene of an Accident

Every person that has the care of a vehicle, vessel, etc., that is involved in an accident with another person, and they leave the scene with the intent to escape liability, fail to give their name and address, and where any person is injured and appears to require assistance, or fails to help, can be found liable for Failure to Stop. If someone is involved in an accident and fails to stay at the scene to speak with police or fails to offer help to those in need, a Failure to Stop charge will arise.

Penalties can range from fines to serious jail time depending on the circumstances. For example, if bodily harm has occurred and a driver failed to stop to provide their name, address, and / or offer assistance the maximum sentence is 10 years. If the above situation occurs but with a death of a victim, the maximum sentence is life in jail.

  1. The answer here is easy. Stop and call for medical help, if required.
  2. Remain silent, do not talk to the operator of the other vehicle.
  3. Take pictures of the licence plate, the damage and the person’s driver’s licence, ownership and insurance.
  4. Provide your own driver’s licence, ownership and insurance to all other parties.
  5. If the police arrive, ask to speak to a lawyer BEFORE you speak to the police.
  6. Follow your lawyer’s instructions exactly.

We are here to help clients through every legal issue they face. We understand that often somebody might fail to stop at the scene of an accident for reasons other than to avoid civil or criminal liability. We have experience in persuading the Court the Crown has not proved their case in this regard.

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