Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)

Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)

The Youth Criminal Justice Act applies to people aged 12-17 years old. A person at 18 is considered an adult and can viewed in the judicial system as an adult, tried and sentenced as such. The Youth Criminal Justice Act, however, is meant to hold young offenders accountable to their actions with concentrated the aim of rehabilitating and reintegrating these youths into society.

Custodial sentences are possible for youth offenders. There is more of an attempt by the justice system to create sentences for youths to avoid or defer jail with programs of rehabilitation, probations, etc. Custodial sentences length or deferment largely depends on the seriousness of the charges and harm done to people and property. If the chare is serious enough, a youth can go to jail under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

At East Law, we are extremely familiar with the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and all its relevant provisions. We understand that at a young age especially, just because somebody breaks the law, does not mean they should be labelled a criminal. Using our detailed knowledge of the youth Criminal Justice Act, we are often able to find resolutions that avoid serious penalties, with a focus on rehabilitation.


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