Sexual Assault with a Weapon and Sexual Assault Causing Bodily Harm

Sexual Assault with a Weapon and Sexual Assault Causing Bodily Harm

A party charged with Sexual Assault with a Weapon may not even possess a weapon. Somebody can still be convicted of this offence if they simply threatened the use of a weapon, and the Prosecution establishes that the victim reasonably believed said threat. A weapon can be defined as any object that contributes harm to the victim. It does not necessarily need to be designed for harming such as a firearm.

A party charged with Sexual Assault Causing Bodily Harm can be found guilty if there is evidence of physical harm. Even without any physical injuries, this offence can extend to psychological harm as well.

The maximum that a person charged with this offence is 14 years in jail. Depending on the offence there may be minimum jail time sentences. At East Law, we offer free consultations and through a discussion, we can help you get an understanding of the landscape of charges before you and the relevant consequences such as jail, probation, or being placed on the federal SOIRA – Sexual Offender Information Registration Act, and the OSOR – Ontario Sexual Offender Registry.

We are fighters by nature and don’t like to see anyone get pushed around in life or their rights stepped on. We especially don’t like it when people get pushed around by the system. We are here to help clients out and to get them a fair shake at the justice system hearing their side of the story and get them the best outcome possible.

A free consultation with me is the best way to start. We will sit down and review your file. We will talk about the courses of action we can take, the likely outcomes, and of course – the best path forward.


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