Theft is stealing which is taking anything that is not lawfully yours. Common items stolen under Theft charges are money, property, animals, energy, telecommunications. Even if an item was taken for a temporary period of time and then returned, Theft can still be found as a conviction. It is the act of depriving a lawful owner of the rights to their property. For example, you cannot shoplift and then return the item and escape culpability for the original act of theft. The same for money or any other property. Theft is divided into over / under $5,000. The over $5,000 being treated as more serious.

This offence frequently goes hand in hand with Theft. There are situations where a person can be charged with Possession of Property Obtained by Crime and not accompanied by Theft. For example, if a person is holding stolen property for the person that stole it such as money, jewelry, vehicles etc.

This depends on the circumstances of the case. Both Theft over/under $5,000 can result in jail time. Occasionally, the Crown Prosecution will opt for diversion programs to allow the accused to make recompense to injured parties and society. A diversion program can be a path for an accused to avoid jail time.

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