Driving While Disqualified

Driving While Disqualified

Anyone that operates a motor vehicle while they have a Court ordered prohibition/suspension (Impaired Driving, Over 80, Dangerous Driving, Fail to Stop at Scene) can be found guilty of Driving While Disqualified. Also, anyone who fails to re-instate their driver’s license properly after having served a period of prohibition/suspension can be found guilty of this offence. This offence is considered serious in the Court’s eyes because it breaches a Court order to not engage in this activity. Depending on the severity of the circumstances the offence can be prosecuted by either Summary Conviction (less serious), or Indictment (more serious)

If convicted of Driving While Disqualified, a person may receive jail time, a fine, probation, further driving prohibition/suspension or a combination of sentences. A further driving prohibition/suspension could apply all across Canada, not just in Ontario. What sentence the Court imposes depends on the severity of the circumstances and the number of previous convictions on the person’s record.

Use your right of silence. It is a constitutional right and one that can protect you in these situations. At your first opportunity call a lawyer. A Driving While Disqualified charge can be serious and dramatically affect one’s life, mobility, and ability to work.

East Law helps clients through every legal issue they face. we always go to bat for our clients to ensure their rights were not violated by police during the arrest or investigations. A Driving While Disqualified charge requires creative problem solving to navigate the legal issues facing you with these charges.

A free consultation is the best way to start. We will sit down, review your file, talk over the likely outcomes, options, and the best course forward to getting the issue resolved.


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